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5 Effective Strategies For Living With Adult ADHD

man standing with his hands on both sides of his head and a pained expression with black lines emitting from the around his head, demonstrating the benefits of having effective strategies to manage adhd

People living with adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) understand how difficult it can be to deal with distractions, stay organized, and be efficient. Certain behavioral changes and treatments can help you learn how to live with ADHD while being able to accomplish more. You can learn how to manage your symptoms so that you Continue reading […]

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Coping With Holiday Grief: Navigating The Five Stages Of Loss

man looking out the window standing next to a christmas tree, clearly coping with holiday grief

While the holiday season may be over, the effects of holiday grief may be lingering on. If you or a loved one experienced the loss of a loved one around the holidays, it may be helpful to understand what depression is, and how to deal with depression over the holidays. Continue reading […]

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How Therapy Can Transform Your Life

a beautiful black woman speaking to her therapist showing how therapy can transform your life

It’s easy to become stressed and overwhelmed in today’s fast-paced world. Juggling responsibilities and ticking off items on your to-do list can take its eventual toll on your mental health. Continue reading […]

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Recovering From A Traumatic Workplace Experience: 3 Steps to Wellness

a visibly exhausted frontline heath care worker resting her head on her hands

Trauma can result from a number of events that happen in the workplace. Death of a co-worker or client, witnessing an accident, or being the victim of abuse. Even events such as downsizing or re-location can be perceived as traumatic and have long-lasting effects on one’s psyche. It is normal to feel anxiety, guilt, or Continue reading […]

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