New Patients Policies

Practice Policies and Procedure

Thank you for choosing the practice of Dean A. Aman, LPCMH LLC and Associates to provide your mental health care. The following is a summary of our most important policies and procedures.

Insurance Coverage

Your health insurance is a contract between you and your insurance carrier. It is your responsibility to know the terms contained in your policy regarding coverage, co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles, and non-covered services. If you have any questions about your insurance, you should contact your carrier directly.

You are responsible for all costs not covered by your insurance carrier regardless of the reason for denial. 

Missed Appointments

Cancelled appointments require 24 hour notice. Without 24 hours notice, the missed appointment becomes a no show. Late cancellations on the day of your appointment with no follow up scheduled within a week will be charges a late cancel fee.

  • No show/no call missed appointment fee is $50.00
  • Late cancellation without a follow up appointment fee is $50.00
  • Two no shows or two late cancellations may result in a discharge.

Co-Pays, Self Pays & Outstanding Balances

ALL co-pays, coinsurance, and deductible amounts are due at the time of service. Dean A. Aman, LPCMH LLC reserves the right to cancel appointments if payments are not made prior to the appointment.

We accept flexible spending cards, credit cards, debit cards, and cash. All self pay office appointments must be made prior to the appointment.

Consent for Treatment of Minors

In order to ensure a parent/guardian consent to participate in the treatment of a minor, I must understand any custody issues. (1) Situations where both parents live together and agree on treatment. (2) There is a formal or informal custody agreement in place for joint custody in separation/divorce cases. (3) The sole custody parent/guardian will provide the intake information.


When you provide us with your cell phone number and email, our electronic system will test and email appointment reminders. Please contact our office as soon as possible with any changes in cell phone numbers or email addresses.

Prescription Refills

Please take your medications as prescribed by your doctor. Early refills will not be provided and are only filled during regular appointments. Medication and pharmacy changes are only made during an appointment.

If we must contact a provider during after hours, a return call to you will be considered an appointment with a regular appointment insurance charge/co-pay. We do not regularly process automatic pharmacy refills requests.

Safeguard your controlled medications. We do not refill expired, lost or stolen controlled medications without an appointment.

Medication shortages are not our responsibility. It is the patient’s responsibility to keep track of when any medications are due for refills. Pharmacies do not always remind patients of medication refills. The Delaware 7 day expiration period for certain controlled medications must be monitored by the patient and picked up on a regular schedule.

Miscellaneous Fees

Forms for FMLA/Short Term Disability

Only after an initial appointment and a 2nd follow up appointment will paperwork be filed out at the discretion of the provider (therapist/psychiatrist). We do not provide documentation for Long Term Disability.

If a provider will not fill out paperwork, with the provider’s permission and a signed consent, we will provide the provider’s notes. Paperwork the provider agrees to fill out must be done with the patient/client at an appointment.

  • Returned Checks – $40.00 service fee per returned check
  • Medical Records – Cost according to page amount and where the records are sent 
  • If a court testimony is needed, the prepaid fee per hour is $250.00.

Patients with unpaid back balances will be sent one bill and have 10 days from the time of receipt to pay the back balance. If the back balance is not collected or payment arrangements have not been made, the patient will be sent to a collection agency.