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Looking for a more modern and convenient method of mental health care?

We are the leading online counseling and telepsychiatry provider in Delaware, with a team of qualified professionals that can treat you from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Our goal is to make quality mental health care treatment accessible to anyone in need. Whether you prefer to maintain a face-to-face interaction with your clinician through video conferencing, or opt for counseling by phone, Dean A. Aman LPCMH, LLC can help.

Virtual behavioral health services are not new. They’ve been used to treat underserved and rural populations for decades. Now, we aim to bring the ease and effectiveness of online treatment to patients regardless of their location or ability to travel.

Dean A. Aman is a Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health (LPCMH) with over twenty years of experience treating everything from depression and anxiety to eating disorders and PTSD. He leads a team of compassionate telepsychiatrists and online counselors that are standing by to help you reach a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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