Blog 5 Effective Strategies For Living With Adult ADHD

5 Effective Strategies For Living With Adult ADHD

man standing with his hands on both sides of his head and a pained expression with black lines emitting from the around his head, demonstrating the benefits of having effective strategies to manage adhd

People living with adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) understand how difficult it can be to deal with distractions, stay organized, and be efficient. Certain behavioral changes and treatments can help you learn how to live with ADHD while being able to accomplish more. You can learn how to manage your symptoms so that you are able to focus on everyday tasks.

Organize Your Time

If you feel like you’re always moving but not getting as much done, it might be time to try a new organizational approach. This can help you manage your time more efficiently and remove distractions and make you less frustrated. One easy way to feel more organized is to write down a schedule for yourself the night before. It’s helpful to understand what your top priorities are, so that you can remain committed to getting more done. This can easily be done in a day planner or a blank notebook.

Establish Streamlined Routines

You can establish behavioral routines that make your day run smoother. For instance, maybe you immediately take the dog for a walk the moment you wake up. Maybe you can hang your coat up, take your shoes off, and place your keys in a tray before walking into your home. You can evaluate your current behavior and routines to see what can be streamlined. This can help you tackle chores with less effort. This can help you through work, chores, exercise, parenting, or anything else that needs to be accomplished through the day.

Break Big Tasks Into Smaller Tasks

When a larger task or goal is feeling overwhelming, it can be helpful to mark your progress. This can be done by breaking it into smaller, more manageable steps that can be tracked and become easier to accomplish. A detailed checklist becomes a roadmap that helps you progress from start to finish.

Manage Your Distractions

If you’re working on a task that requires high levels of concentration, it’s important to learn how to minimize distractions. You can start by decluttering and simplifying your working environment. If you share your space at home, it will help to have a room where you can close the door and work alone without children or a significant other nearby. You can also turn notifications off on your smartphone and resist the urge to check it as you are working.

Resist The Urge To Overextend

It’s easy to start the day feeling ambitious, or to bite off a little more than you can chew as you set your schedule for the next day. This is where many people overextend themselves without understanding the amount of time needed to get things done. When you commit yourself beyond your limits, you are setting yourself up for more pressure, and the consistent negative feeling of failing as you don’t get everything done.

Talk Therapy Can Help You Manage Adult ADHD

If you feel like you are struggling in your daily life with adult ADHD a licensed therapist can help you develop the strategies and coping mechanisms you need to thrive. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be a great tool for coping with ADHD or other adult mental health diagnosis.

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