Blog Coping With Holiday Grief: Navigating The Five Stages Of Loss

Coping With Holiday Grief: Navigating The Five Stages Of Loss

man looking out the window standing next to a christmas tree, clearly coping with holiday grief

While the holiday season may be over, the effects of holiday grief may be lingering on. If you or a loved one experienced the loss of a loved one around the holidays, it may be helpful to understand what depression is, and how to deal with depression over the holidays.

It may also be important to understand what it’s like to navigate the five stages of loss around this time of year.


For those dealing with loss, denial is a common initial response. It can manifest as an urge to avoid a celebration that is tied to the season. It’s important to respect your feelings, but you can also gently encourage yourself or a loved one to compassionately face your reality. It might mean compromising on a scaled down festivity.


While it’s natural to get angry in the face of loss, it’s important to find constructive methods for channeling your emotions. Exercise, journaling, and meditation can all be methods for processing your anger. It also helps to openly communicate your needs with friends and family so they can understand your emotions as you process.


With bargaining, the focus is on what could have been done differently. This may have come out as unrealistic expectations or the recreation of favorite family experiences. Instead of giving into your bargaining, it’s important to set realistic expectations for yourself. It’s ok to develop new traditions and modify the existing traditions to acknowledge your current emotions.


Sadness and loneliness may be intensified during and following the holidays. It’s important to seek out the support of friends and family during this time. Booking an appointment with a certified therapist can be an important step in addressing grief and loss. A therapy appointment is an excellent environment for exploring and processing your emotions.


Acceptance can be complicated. It doesn’t mean forgetting or moving on from your loss. It’s about finding a way to live with the loss, and embrace a new normal as life continues. This may mean incorporating favorite traditions or dedicating a moment to remember and celebrate their life.

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While the holidays are over, the lingering effects of holiday grief may be strong, no matter the age. If you are still processing the loss of a loved one, it can help to talk with a licensed mental health professional.

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