mental wellness

4 Effective Strategies To Overcome Anxiety

woman standing in the sun enjoying the calming effects of nature, an effective strategy to overcome anxiety

In today’s fast-paced world, anxiety has become common. Workplace pressures, personal challenges, and the mental impacts of social media can all lead to anxiety and have a debilitating impact on our minds, and prevent us from living a complete life. The good news is that some effective strategies to overcome anxiety can help you restore Continue reading […]

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Coping With Depression: 3 Ways To Make It Through The Day

a woman sipping coffee looking out the window coping with depression in her own way

Some days, coping with depression just means making it through another day. You’ve managed to climb out of bed, maybe even put on some pants, but the prospect of another 24 hours seems daunting. What can you do right now to change your mood? Continue reading […]

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How Therapy Can Transform Your Life

a beautiful black woman speaking to her therapist showing how therapy can transform your life

It’s easy to become stressed and overwhelmed in today’s fast-paced world. Juggling responsibilities and ticking off items on your to-do list can take its eventual toll on your mental health. Continue reading […]

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Recovering From A Traumatic Workplace Experience: 3 Steps to Wellness

a visibly exhausted frontline heath care worker resting her head on her hands

Trauma can result from a number of events that happen in the workplace. Death of a co-worker or client, witnessing an accident, or being the victim of abuse. Even events such as downsizing or re-location can be perceived as traumatic and have long-lasting effects on one’s psyche. It is normal to feel anxiety, guilt, or Continue reading […]

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The Gut-Brain Connection: How A Healthy Diet Can Reduce Anxiety and Alleviate Depression

a demonstration showing the effect a poor gut-brain can have on your mental health

Did you know there are roughly 100 trillion unique organisms living in your gut? These microbiome communicate with your central nervous system and near-endocrine systems associated with anxiety and stress response. We also know the “gut-brain connection” plays a role in mood and memory, but how much more they communicate is still very much a Continue reading […]

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What Is The Difference Between Anorexia And Bulimia?

someone standing on a scale barefoot

Anorexia and bulimia are both serious eating disorders that require mental health and medical attention. However, they present with different symptoms and behaviors. Let’s look at the difference between anorexia and bulimia so that you may better recognize and understand the signs of each in a loved one. Whatever the eating disorder, it’s important to Continue reading […]

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