untreated trauma

4 Ways Untreated Trauma Can Impact Our Lives

young blonde woman with her hands on her knees experiencing one of the 4 ways untreated trauma can impact our lives

The American Psychological Association defines trauma as “an emotional response to an extremely negative event.” Traumatic stress reactions are normal responses to abnormal circumstances. They can be caused from one-time events, ongoing stress, or something that happened during childhood. Continue reading […]

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6 Must-Read Blog Articles About Mental Health

a human head shaped out of flowers

There are hundreds of thousands of blog articles about mental health online. We gathered six from the Dean A. Aman, LPCMH blog that have had the most impact. Continue reading […]

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The Benefits Of Family Therapy (And How to Start)

a family having a conversation with a therapist, experiencing the benefit of family therapy

Families can have some of the strongest relationships and bonds that you’ll find, but sometimes it takes work to keep it that way. Problems in communication can arise and lead to hurdles that at times may feel insurmountable. This is where the benefits of family therapy can help you to strengthen that bond and return Continue reading […]

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