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5 Facts About Mental Health Therapy

a woman sitting on a couch enjoying her mental health therapy

Mental health therapy can help individuals cope and better manage emotional, behavioral, and mental health problems. Here are 5 facts about mental health therapy everyone should know.

1. Therapy Is A Science-Based Practice

The leading institutions and universities have studied psychotherapy for decades and have concluded that 75% of people who receive therapy reap benefits.

Many studies show that therapy is as effective, if not more, than medication to improve mental health. For instance, cognitive behavioral therapy has been shown to be extremely effective for bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and OCD.

2. There Are No Quick Fixes

Fast food. High speed Internet. One-day delivery. We live during a time of instant gratification. Therapy, however, requires effort, communication, self-awareness, and other skills that may require time to develop.

The journey to healing can be many miles, months, or years. It is critical to invest time in your wellbeing now to secure a healthy future.

3. Therapy Is Affordable (Even Without Insurance)

A common misconception about therapy is that it is expensive. Some therapists charge up to $200 an hour, but the average cost is closer to $90 per hour.

Various factors impact the cost of different types of therapy. Many therapists will adjust fees based on a sliding scale and are willing to work with someone facing financial hurdles to receiving treatment. In addition, free resources are often available through the city or county.

4. Therapy Is More Accessible Than Ever

With the advent of the smartphone and telehealth, it is easier and quicker to find a therapist than ever before. In addition, it can be less intimidating to do therapy from the comfort and security of home.

5. Therapy Is For Everyone

Therapy is not just for those in crisis, or diagnosed with a mental health issue. Talk therapy is an effective tool to learn more about ourselves and realize our full potential. It can guide us through difficult decisions, help mediate family issues, and be a safe space to express ourselves.

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