Blog 10 Depression Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

10 Depression Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

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When someone says they feel depressed, it can mean many things. It can mean they feel sad, lonely, hopeless, guilty, or any number of other complex emotions. When these feelings start to have a negative impact on the quality of your life, it is time to take action.

Here Are 10 Depression Symptoms You Should Not Ignore:

1. Persistent Feelings Of Hopelessness Or Helplessness

If feelings of despair linger on for more than a few days, it is time to recognize these feelings and try to resolve them. If these feelings of despair linger on for more than a few weeks or you are unable to resolve them on your own, consider seeking professional help.

2. Persistent Feelings Of Guilt Or Worthlessness

Feelings of insignificance, guilt, and emptiness can be signs of a deeper emotional trauma. Holding onto these feelings for too long can lead to depression and/or anxiety about the unresolved issue.

3. Loss Of Interest In Activities You Enjoy

Depression can cause us to lose the motivation or confidence to continue doing the things we enjoy. If a friend or loved one has stopped participating in activities or hobbies they used to get excited about, it may be a sign the depression is getting worse.

4. Heightened Irritability Or Anger

When someone is depressed they often develop a short fuse, become irritated easily, and have a hard time controlling their temper. When this results in unhealthy relationships, loss of a job, self-harm, or violence, it is past time to seek help.

5. Withdrawing Socially

Isolating oneself and/or refusing to communicate with friends or family is a strong sign they need to speak to someone about how they feel. They may feel unworthy, unwanted, or unloved. The best way to start dealing with these emotions is to talk to someone about them.

6. Problems Getting A Good Nights Rest

If someone is experiencing feelings of restlessness that results in insomnia, or fatigue and hopelessness that results in oversleeping, it may be a sign that depression is creeping in–or is already there.

7. Digestive Issues

Digestive issues can be a sign of depression, anxiety, or other health problems. When physical well-being begins to suffer due to an emotional state, it is time to talk to a mental health care professional and primary doctor.

8. Sudden Changes In Weight and/or Appetite

Some people use food as a coping mechanism for their depression. If they have started losing or gaining weight at a rapid pace, this may be a sign they are experiencing feelings of depression.

9. Inability To Make Decisions

Depression can make small, simple, seemingly insignificant decisions cause great stress and/or irritability.

10. Thoughts Of Suicide Or Self-Harm

When negative thoughts and general sadness turn destructive, harmful, or suicidal, it is time to seek treatment.

If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide or self-harm, seek professional help immediately. To speak with a licensed professional about treatments for depression, contact us today.