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4 Proven Methods To Manage An Anxiety Disorder

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Did you know life can be stressful at times? Of course you did. Experiencing stress, anxiety, and anger is part of the human condition. We even have built-in responses to these stressful situations that have been part of our DNA for millions of years, like the “fight or flight response”.

It is often how we respond to a situation that determines how stressful it is. For instance, some become irate at even a slight reduction in speed by the driver in front of them. Others maintain a calm blanket of serenity through the most tragic of life circumstances.

Here Are 4 Proven Methods To Manage An Anxiety Disorder:

1. Mindfulness Meditation

The calming effect of mindfulness meditation is immediate and always accessible. It is a mental training that induces the relaxation response, helps you focus on the present moment, and break the cycle of negative/unproductive thoughts.

Start small with three to five minute sessions every morning. Get comfortable with the routine of sitting daily to quiet your mind, then gradually build to ten, twenty, and thirty minute sessions. This simple method has been proven to reduce anxiety and restore a sense of calm.

2. Exercise Regularly

Studies show that regular aerobic exercise can reduce tension, stabilize and elevate mood, improve self-esteem in addition to sleep quality. You don’t need to join a gym, have an elaborate routine, or buy expensive equipment. Just get up and move!

Exercise doesn’t need to be torture. If running long distances and the gym don’t sound appealing, find an aerobic exercise you can enjoy. Dancing, swimming, kickboxing, kayaking- the trick is, find an activity that is fun and rewarding so that exercise doesn’t feel like a chore.

3. Maintain A Healthy Diet

Your diet plays a large role in how you feel both physically and emotionally. In fact, if you consume fried or processed foods, artificial sugar, dairy, or any number of other products most Americans eat on a regular basis, it may be making your anxiety worse.

Eating well-balanced meals on a regular schedule can dramatically improve the way you feel throughout the day. Have a healthy snack shortly after waking up. Cut out the caffeine. The benefits are immediate and long-term.

4. Speak With A Professional

Know that you do not need to manage your anxiety disorder alone.

There are tens of thousands of licensed counselors and therapists that can help you develop coping strategies and an effective treatment plan to successfully manage your anxiety disorder. If your relationships are suffering because of your anxiety disorder, or you have trouble concentrating, sleeping, or are in a constant state of worry or heightened alert, it is time to speak with someone.

To learn more about anxiety disorder treatment or schedule an appointment with one of our licensed professionals, contact us today.